About Me

I'm Kevin Outa, the guy behind Elixir Studios. As a photographer, my main purpose is to help you capture life's moments as best as I possibly can, and commit myself to producing memorable images.

I have always been excited by the thought of making pictures through drawing, and more recently, capturing them through photography. The concept of creating images is deeply ingrained in what I do as a professional, so as to ensure every client gets a unique set of photographs that represent who they are, what they do, and how they feel in that specific moment. Through this, I aim to create an enduring relationship with my clients and be there to capture the most important moments of their lives.

I specialize in Creative Portraiture, Fashion Photography, and Portfolio Creation as well as Lifestyle Photography and photography for blogs.   

Click here to contact me if you have any inquiries on our pricing structure, to book a session, or to work on a collaboration.

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