Go Pink Or Go Home

How many times do you ever consider your personal well-being? Is it possible that you sometimes forget to place emphasis on taking care of ...

How many times do you ever consider your personal well-being? Is it possible that you sometimes forget to place emphasis on taking care of yourself and your health? I have come to realize that it is only when we get sick that we come to value the importance of increasing your efforts towards achieving optimal health. We often forgo regular health checkups and proper self-care. However, we do not understand that most illnesses can be prevented, treated, or managed with early detection. This brings me to my next question, "Have you been screened for cancer?"

My latest project is founded on the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Therefore, I partnered with the Africa Cancer Foundation to create an unconventional photo series that will be representative of #PinkOctober
Africa Cancer Foundation is a charitable trust foundation that was established in 2011 with the aim of creating and improving cancer awareness in Africa, with regards to prevention, treatment, and management. This foundation is committed to increasing the probability of cancer prevention by encouraging regular testing and screening, as well as making information resources available. This is done to create comprehensive solutions for people affected by cancer.

As a concept, "Go Pink Or Go Home" seeks to raise cancer awareness and encourage both men and women to get screened for breast cancer, using a creative approach. I regard this photo series as unconventional because as opposed to many campaigns that give prominence to female models or actual survivors, this series features a male model.
This was an intentional choice because it seeks to address the stigma that men attach to breast cancer. I have learned that although it is uncommon, men are also at risk of getting breast cancer. However, this does not take anything away from my interpretation of #PinkOctober, which is focused on the women in our lives. They are the ones who face the most significant risk. We should adopt a greater role in this campaign and encourage more and more women to get tested and learn about breast cancer.
It is important to understand that breast cancer does not only come about in October, or once a year. Therefore, it becomes important to ensure that screening goes on throughout the year, and should extend to other forms of cancer as well.

By the way, did you know that October is also Liver Cancer Awareness Month? I thought you should know, as I leave you to make sense of this photo series...

Shot with Victor Olilo, with the help of the Africa Cancer Foundation.

Make an effort and get screened before October ends, then find a way to do it more regularly. Till next time my people! ✌

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